Testnet 2 is here! 🥳🍾🎇🎉

Today we are proud to announce the release of Concordium Testnet 2 which contains new features, bug fixes and documentation improvements.

Testnet 2 is one of our milestones before the release of Concordium Mainnet sometime at the beginning of 2021.

This release is an invite for community members, node runners, and users, in general, to preview the technology behind the curtain and to help us in this testing phase.

What’s in the box?

[Node] — Passive node: A node that participates in the Concordium network. It relays messages, provides an API for submitting transactions and inspecting the chain, and processes blocks, but does not produce any blocks on its own.

[Node] — Baker node: Does everything a passive node does, but in addition participates in consensus, producing blocks.

[Node] — Finalizer node: Does everything a baker node does, but in addition, participates in the finalization part of our consensus.

[Client] — Tools for interacting with the container

[Mobile app] — Android-based Concordium ID with an Identity service - Download here

[Mobile app] — Creating identities

[Mobile app] — Creating accounts

[Mobile appt] — Making transfers

[Mobile appt] — Depositing Testnet-GTU tokens

[Mobile app] — Exporting identities and accounts

[Identity] — Integration with Notabene

[Identity] — Notabene developer identity flow for easy generation of test-identities

[Identity] — Notabene identity flow

[Visualization] — An improved network dashboard including a simple block explorer

[Visualization] — A node dashboard with support for becoming a baker

Notable changes

[Enhancement] — Catch-up time improvements:

  • The time needed for new nodes to catch-up has been significantly reduced

  • Restarting nodes can now choose to start from their local database removing the need to do a complete catch-up.

[Enhancement] — Storage requirements improvements

  • Storage of the chain on nodes has been optimized

[Client] — Extended in the following areas:

  • Managing bakers

  • Account delegation

  • Module query

  • Account management

[Documentation] Create an Account

[Documentation] Run a node

[Documentation] Become a baker

[Documentation] CLI

[Documentation] Identities and Accounts

[Documentation] Managing accounts

[Documentation] Transactions

[Documentation] Node

Missions and challenges

Testers are invited to proceed to the following missions and challenges and to provide results and any potential bug or security issue via testnet@conconcordium.com or our Discord server


  • Run a node

  • Become a Baker

  • Restart a node

  • Stress test Memory

  • Store the chain locally


  • Bulk Transactions with CLI

  • Bulk Transactions with Web Wallet

  • Double Spending Test


For this purpose, you’ll have to download and install the APK.

  • Create identities using Notabene — Production mode

  • Create identities using Notabene — Development mode

  • Create accounts

  • Use the Concordium ID to send and receive Testnet-GTU


  • Attack the dashboard and alter the data

Upgrade instructions from Testnet 1 to Testnet 2

Last week we announced our software upgrade, if you participated on Testnet 1 but haven’t upgraded yet, please do the following.

  • Follow the above steps to download the most recent Concordium software

  • Run the reset-data executable from the unzipped archive

  • For Mac users: the first time you open the tool, right-click the reset-data file and select Open. A message will appear that the software is from an unidentified developer. Select Open again

  • For Windows users: the first time you open the tool, double-click the reset-data file. A message will appear that the software is from an unidentified developer. Select More infoRun anyway

  • The tool will ask:
    Do you also want to remove saved keys?
    Accounts that were created for Testnet v1 are no longer valid on Testnet v2. Therefore, if you have stored accounts from Testnet v1 we recommend entering y which will delete all account keys


Team Concordium is here to help and you are more than welcome to reach us on our Discord Server, on Telegram or directly via email testnet@concordium.com