Incentivized Testnet 4 is coming in 5 days!

Are you ready to earn some GTU?

We are really glad to invite you to join our Incentivized Testnet 4 which will be released on January 20th. You will be able to earn rewards for performing different challenges, including smart contract development, baking blocks, doing transactions, creating documentation, making tutorials, and more. 

During this period, smart contract developers, businesses, node operators, and community members can, collectively, receive rewards up to 0,15% of the mainnet supply, (up to 15,000,000 GTU) for helping secure, sustain, and grow Concordium Network and the ecosystem. Rewards will be transferred in GTU after the Mainnet goes live.  

You will be able to discover the challenges next week on a dedicated Github Public Repository. Join our community and don’t miss the release. Telegram  | Discord

Learn what’s in the Testnet 4 box here.

Best regards,

Team Concordium