Concordium #8 2020 - Looking forward to 2021

Covering November 2020.


Looking Forward to 2021

With 3 Successful Testnets, an updated position paper and a growing community, 2020 has been an exciting year for Concordium and we want to thank all of you for joining us in the journey, but buckle up because this is only the beginning. 

We are looking forward to January 2021, when Concordium will launch Testnet 4, a new incentivized program, in which the community will test our smart contracts and the implementation of our Tokenomics. This will be the last step towards our highly anticipated Mainnet.

The launch of our Mainnet in 2021 will mark the beginning of a new era in the blockchain landscape. An era in which privacy and accountability work together towards the building of next generation technology and tooling for enterprises. An era where businesses take advantage of the most advanced technology to take their operations to the next level and to create new opportunities and revenues.

Testnet 3 submissions under revision

With 3509 accounts created on Concordium’s ID app, the Concordium Testnet 3 has closed on November 26th. 

The team has started to review the more than 2,000 submissions sent by the participants and so far we are really proud of the results, which have shown a strong network and dedicated community members.

We will publish the results of Testnet 3 once the review process will be done. 

We would like to thank all of you who participated in the Testnet 3, and invite you to stay around as we are going to release new initiatives, incentivized programs and our last Testnet iteration. The journey is just starting! 

More community initiatives coming up

At Concordium we are extremely grateful to our community and we would like to show our appreciation to all those members who are helping us build the next-gen blockchain. This is why, in the following months we will release two new incentivised programs that will provide community members with unique perks! Stay tuned! We will release more information soon.

Expanding our global presence 

Concordium is cementing its presence on the global market by localizing our content around the world. In November, Concordium launched its japanese website,  japanese blog and social media accounts.

In 2021, the content will be translated to many more languages and markets, making sure we unlock the potential of blockchain for the business enterprises all around the world.

Research and Events

COBRA at Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP 2021)

COBRA’s paper Extracting Tested and Verified Smart Contracts in Coq, was accepted at the renowned conference  Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP 2021).  The paper written by Bas Spitters, Danil Annenkov, Mikkel Milo, Jakob Botsch Nielsen,  allows to generate formally verified smart contracts in a number of smart contract languages, including rust which is used by Concordium. It also includes a property based testing platform for smart contracts.

We invite you to read the paper here.

COBRA at Black Hat Europe 2020

On December 9th, COBRA’s Assistant Professor Diego F. Aranha, together with his co-authors, will present the paper “LadderLeak: Breaking ECDSA With Less Than One Bit Of Nonce Leakage” at Black Hat Europe 2020 

Black Hat provides attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. If you would like to attend, you can register here.

AsiaCrypt 2020

Our Associate Professor, Bernardo David, will present his work at Asiacrypt 2020. As well as COBRA’s professor Ivan Damgaard and Concordium’s scientist Daniel Tschudi.  

Asiacrypt is one of the top  international conferences for cryptography research. This year will be held online from December 7th to December 11th. You can register here.

Press and Content

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Forbes: From voting to social media, what does the future hold for digital identity on the blockchain

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