Concordium #2 2020 - Testnet & White Paper

Concordium Community Newsletter - Covering March 2020


  • After 2 years of intensive scientific research and development, we are proud to announce our First Public Testnet.

    The Testnet has been released on Thursday, April 2, 2020, at 01:00 PM GMT.

    So far, we have seen more than 40 nodes running from all over the world and especially from China, the USA, European Union, Israel, Nigeria, UK.

    Users can get Stake (100 Testnet GTU) delegated to them by using Concordium Web Wallet, here.

    Please read here our Release notes. Please visualize the Network here.

  • We have released our new White Paper too!

    You are invited to discover how Concordium plans to deploy its Next-Gen Blockchain including an ID Layer at the Protocol Level, Sharding, Interoperability, and many more features and benefits.

    Please read here our White Paper.

  • Brain & Health Boosting Program

    During this period of un-usual working situations due to COVID-19, we apply science as well in making sure that our team has the best tools at hand to stay healthy. This is why we have implemented a new Brain - and Health Boosting Program in which all our staff has been urged to spend one hour of their paid working time doing exercise or outdoor (authority permitting) activities


We have released our First Public Testnet that includes the following features:

  • Node software in a dockerized container featuring:

    • Passive node: A node that participates in the Concordium network. It relays messages, provides an API for submitting transactions and inspecting the chain, and processes blocks, but does not produce any blocks on its own.

    • Baker node: Does everything a passive node does, but in addition participates in consensus, producing blocks.

    • Finalizer node: Does everything a baker node does, but in addition, participates in the finalization part of our consensus.

    • Concordium Client: A command-line interface to the Concordium Blockchain. Can send transactions and inspect the state of the node and the chain.

    • Tools for interacting with the container

  • A demo Web wallet

    • Creating identities

    • Creating accounts

    • Making transfers

    • Depositing GTU tokens

    • Exporting identities and accounts

  • A demo Identity service

  • A Network Dashboard

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Due to the current situation, most of the events we planned to attend are canceled. We will keep updating you when it comes to online events Team Concordium will participate in.

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