Concordium #12 2021 - Open-source, Dev X and funding

Covering March 2021

General 🎙️

  • #ForkAndBuild

    As promised, we have opened our code and you get a full and deep overview of our repos. Click here and be the firsts to fork and build!

  • $25M in 2nd and 3rd private sales!

    On March 9th, we have concluded our second private sale of tokens to fund further development. This second private sale was oversubscribed which assures great interest by the community members to take part in our ecosystem. The people who were part of the waiting list, had the opportunity to participate in the Third Private Placement, which after a week, was 3-times oversubscribed, making a grand total of $25 Million raised in March 2021.

    These funds will be used for further development and marketing including the technical development of core protocols and tooling.

  • Concordium listed as one of the Top 50 Blockchain Companies in the Crypto Valley

    Concordium is proud to be listed as one of the Top 50 Blockchain Technology firms in the Crypto Valley in the 6th edition of the CV VC Top 50 Report.

  • Our roadmap is here too :)

    We are excited to present the Concordium technical roadmap. The roadmap is a dynamic plan that will follow the Mainnet release in Q2, 2021, and shows the direction our tech will follow. This plan will be updated regularly to support users, applications, and new research. Furthermore, as the source code is open and the governance of the blockchain evolves towards decentralization, inputs from the community will inspire the roadmap.

  • We are launching The Dev X Initiative for all programmers!

    As an open-source project, Concordium understands developers are essential for its further growth, therefore we are excited to announce the DevX Initiative, which will work as an outlet for our researchers and developers, to contribute to the Rust community.

Dev 🤖

The code is open but you already know that. Besides opening the code and releasing the roadmap, here what our coders were busy at:

  • [Concordium-base] - 8 authors have contributed, 57 commits to main, 67 commits to branches and 3893 additions

  • [Concordium-documentation] - 5 authors have contributed, 16 commits to main, 23 commits to branches and 76 additions

  • [Concordium-node] - 7 authors have contributed, 87 commits to main, 95 commits to branches and 408 additions

  • [Concordium-client] - 7 authors have contributed, 62 commits to main, 62 commits to branches and 0 addition

  • [Concordium-wasm-sc] - 5 authors have contributed, 34 commits to main, 34 commits to branches and 39 additions

  • [Concordium-rust-sc] - 3 authors have contributed, 39 commits to main, 39 commits to branches and 890 additions

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