Concordium #11 2021 - Private Round Completed and MVP ready to launch ✨

Covering Feb-2021

General 🎙️

  • We are happy to announce that we have completed a private round of $15M. This round is meant to sustain our development and our future go-to-market strategy. Read more here.

  • Geely and Concordium announce a Joint Venture
    We are delighted to announce we have signed a joint venture with the Global Fortune 500 company, Geely Holding Group, to provide blockchain tech and services in China using Concordium’s technology.  Read the announcement here.

  • Testnet 3 final awards and results have been announced
    Our team has reviewed all the Testnet 3 submissions and we are really excited to announce that the results are now public. You can review the rewards each of our participants will get here.

  • Concordium Champs December 2020 and January 2021
    At Concordium we are extremely grateful to our community and we would like to show our appreciation to all those members who are helping us build the next-gen blockchain. Here are the winners for Dec-2020 and Jan-2021.

  • Concordium and the Blockchain Academy Network received a grant from the Danish Industry Foundation to develop an online blockchain education course geared toward C-suite executives. We are glad to announce that you can now sign for the first part of the course at

  • Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Transactions is now available in e-print.
    The paper that presents Concordium’s finality layer, “Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Transactions” co-authored by Ivan Damgård, Chaya Ganesh, Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh, Claudio Orlandi, and Luisa Siniscalch, is now peer-reviewed and available in e-print.

Dev 🤖

  • Testnet 4

    Few figures here to express how much our Testnet was “used” to create super cool stuff including self-sovereign identities, encrypted transactions and of course some amazing smart contracts, programed in RustLang.

    2,300 identities were issued, and more than 7,000 accounts were created. Besides, we saw more than 1,000 active nodes, 800 bakers, more than 3,600 wallet downloads.  

  • Commits

    This month has been quite busy for our Tech team with almost 900 commits in total:

    • DevOps 49

    • Desktop Wallet 569

    • Ledger support 10

    • Smart Contracts 34

    • Concordium Base 16

    • Concordium Node 80

    • Tokenomics reporter 5

    • Concordium client 30

    • Wallet proxy 4

    • Concordium Client 14

    • Dashboard 11

    • Node Dashboard 11

    • Bip 393

Communities 🦻

  • Rust and Concordium

    • Const Generics MVP reaches beta. 

    Const Generics is one of the most awaited features in the Rust Ecosystem and it is very exciting that it has been made available to try out in Beta before it is officially made stable in the next Rust release 1.51. If you would like to know what Const Generics are and why they’re so important to Rust developers you can read more in the official blog post below. 

    Rust Const Generics beta 

    Ashley Williams (Rust Core Developer & Interim Executive Director of Rust Foundation) shares her thoughts on the latest developments with Rust in a 2 part interview on the Context Free Podcast. 

    Florian Gilcher and James Munns introduce Critical Section in an AMA

  • Encode Club Education Series

    We have launched together with our friends at Encode Club, an ambitious early-stage education program for students and young developers. 

    The course will consist of two parts:

    • An ‘Intro to blockchain’ event to explain how the technology works, with a focus on Concordium’s offering

    • A ‘Learn to code in blockchain’ event, explaining how to use Concordium to build blockchain applications.

    For more information visit Encode.

Events 🎆

Press, insights, and articles 📖

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