Concordium #10 2021 - Wind of change 🌬️

Covering January 2021

General 🎙️

  • We have successfully launched our fourth and last Testnet before the official launch of our blockchain.

  • We have joined the Fintech Association of Japan to support financial service innovation.

  • Testnet 3 Incentivization Program Rewards’ announcement is almost ready.

  • A super cool column in Coindesk written by our CTO, Torben Pedersen about the Future of Cryptographic Security in the Age of Quantum

  • Great AMA session with Professional node runners including Stakin, Moonlet, Everstake, Chainlayer, Ubik, Newroad Network, Infinity Stones, Validators, Validation Capital, and many more.

  • Our community newsletter is now moving to its agile design and will, from today, focus on tech and community updates.

Dev 🤖

  • Testnet 4 Release

    We have deployed on January the 13th our fourth and last Testnet, as final preparation for the launch of our Blockchain in Q2 2021.

    Testnet 4 includes:

    • Concordium-std library added for developing smart contracts in Rust

    • Cargo-concordium tool for building and testing smart contracts off-chain

    • Documentation for smart contracts added to developer documentation

    • Smart Contract transactions added to concordium-client

    • Rewards for baking and finalization changed

    • Minting changed

    • Extended the list of adjustable chain parameters

    • Updated network dashboard block explorer to include new info

    • Amount lock-up transaction with schedule added

    • Staking changed so staked amount is locked

    • Mobile app updated to show staking and amount lockup schedules

    • Initial account creation added to ID provider process

    • Mobile app updated to support initial account creation

    • And more.

    Read the official Release Notes here.

  • Incentivization program

    Well, so far so good here. We are enjoying quite a lot of smart participation and here are some figures to illustrate how Concordium Community does support its Testnet:

    • +1000 3rd party nodes are running

    • 800 Bakers are validating blocks

    • +3500 accounts created on our Concordium Wallet

    • +2000 Identity objects created

    • +2500 downloads of our Concordium Wallet on the mobile app-stores

    Wanna participate? You still can grab some missions and get rewards. Click here to learn how.

Communities 🦻

  • Rust and Concordium

    As you know, we are building these days an ambitious but humble Dev Rel program that is mainly targeting Rust Developers.

    Based on the principle of reciprocity, the Dev X Initiative (this is the cute name of our Dev Rel program) is thought and designed in collaboration with the Rust community in the UK and with some Rust developers coming from the Rust in Crypto Working group.

    Stay tuned here, we will release asap the material.

    But meanwhile, some updates coming from the Rust Ecosystem:

    • Checkout the Rust Gamedev Podcast. This podcast covers in-depth interviews with indie game developers creating titles with the Rust programming language. They cover technical topics as well as the business of open source and commercial indie games development.

  • Encode Club Education Series

    We have launched together with our friends at Encode Club, an ambitious early-stage education program for students and young developers.

    The course will consist of two parts:

    • An ‘Intro to blockchain’ event to explain how the technology works, with a focus on Concordium’s offering

    • A ‘Learn to code in blockchain’ event, explaining how to use Concordium to build blockchain applications.

    For more information visit Encode.

  • Testnet 3 Rewards announcement

    We have completed reviews for people who submitted correctly in Github, but as promised we are making some exceptions, and we are starting to look at duplicates, closed pull requests, and feedback on pending items.

    We will announce when the period for feedback commences in the coming weeks with the first final results draft. You can check out the in-progress OT3 results calculation here.

Events 🎆

Upcoming Rust Meetups (All these events are online) 

  • Rust Dublin will be holding their first meetup of 2021. Community member Anton Whalley will present us his shiny new project roche-rs ( A command-line tool for building HTTP and event services using containers. Check out the details here.

  • Rust New York (Buffalo) Meetup.

  • Rust Berlin Hack and Learn.

Press, insights, and articles 📖

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